How Do You Eat Healthy and Plan Your Meals?

I get it.  Busy is my name and hustle is my game!  I needed a way to simplify my nutrition AND still eat healthy because of my Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease.

Below is a sample meal plan from January 4-10.  You'll see that I indicate the R/G/P/Y ....if you don't know that language it is simply my way to help me remember if I"m eating the right amount of food in the right portion in the right food groups!

Sound complicated?  Think again!  The easy to follow road map of the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan has taught me the most simplistic way to balance carbs, proteins and fats.

The containers are divided out by color and size - and as you can see from my  meal plan, I follow plan A.  So as long as I continue to eat the right portion and combos - I'll continue to see weight loss OR in my personal case, toning getting leaner.

I've helped hundreds of people successfully navigate this system that TEACHES you how to create a healthy and fit lifestyle.  If you want to begin your OWN journey using this easy to follow system, all you have to do is GET STARTED today!


What You Can Do to Help Yourself Reach Your Goals

A Simple Strategy To Create An Outcome of Success

If you have read Part I and Part II - you have your goals and they are SMART and they are aligned with purpose and prayer.  Now, how do you find success?

strategies for achieving goals
Well, before you can create success -- you have to DEFINE success.

For me, success is laying my head down at night, knowing I did my best to move myself CLOSER to my goals.  That I worked in GOOD FAITH no matter the result.

I encourage YOU to write your own definition of success.  Instead of thinking about what success IS (a goal weight, an income, a number of books read, etc...) Think about what it FEELS like.

Take time to write this down.  With a piece of paper and pen.  For real - not "I'll do it later"  I would encourage you to have a journal where you write your goals, definition of success, the names of your accountability partners....  but that's a whole 'nother post!

Once you define your success, create a positive reward!  This short video talks about positive reinforcement and how using it can help you to achieve your goals.

Did you watch it or just scroll by?  Don't worry - it will still be there for you!  I know you're busy.  But, BE SURE To watch it!

If you set yourself a reward like a massage or pedicure or sleeping in (positive reinforcement!) for working towards your goals, you are more likely to repeat the behavior.  This creates a habit and the habit creates success.

So, let's break it down!  Your goal is to read one book a month in 2016.  It is a great SMART goal (see Part I)  You'll want to look at what you need to do to reach that goal - break it down (see Part II)

Personally, I'd break that down to reading at least 10 pages a day, 6 days a week and if you do, you will allow yourself to watch a movie on day 7.  <--- the movie is your reward!

By rewarding yourself for reaching your mini-milestones, you train your brain to seek success.  With repeating this over & over & over & over... you'll reach your goal!

In the comments below, I'd love to hear about one of your goals and what you'll do to reward yourself when you achieve it.

PS this strategy works GREAT with parenting, too! ;)

Don't Bother with Setting Resolutions or Goals Until You Do This One Thing

Is Your Goal a WHIM or a PRAYER? - Part II

If you didn't read Part I yet, you may want to start there! After all, the beginning is a very good place to start :)

The start of a new year is a time a lot of people take advantage of to start new: a new diet, improving/developing better character qualities, new friends, etc. It comes with the common saying “New Year, New You.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make changes and become a better you, but look at your motive behind wanting to make a resolution. Is it something you’ve thought about for a while or just on the whim? Is it something that YOU actually want to change, or what others want?

Psalm 139: 23-24 says “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!”

The resolution you want to make..is it healthy? What does it say about you? Is it going to improve your quality of life?

Be sure to check out Part III

How Setting Goals Can Be Easier Than You Think

Setting Goals That You Can Achieve - Part I

A new year is upon us and that means a clean slate!  I don't know about you, but I am excited to see what 2016 will hold.  I'm going to call it my SWEET 16.

Goals 2016  AchieveWith a new year comes new goals.  I've posted my 2016 goals here and will break that down into monthly goals and then those into weekly goals into daily goals.  See - people like you and me who get overwhelmed by BIG pictures need small steps to focus on.

So with that in mind, you'll want to set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

And don't just set 1 or 2 goals.  You'll want to look at all areas of your life;
  • Physical Environment- do you want to renovate a room, paint your kitchen, or declutter?
  • Financial - looking to increase your savings or reduce your spending or building an income?
  • Relationship - want to grow closer to your husband, mend a friendship or spend more time with your family?
  • Spiritual - Maybe you want to read through the New Testament or read 1 scripture a day
  • Health & Fitness - do you want to finally drop those 15 pounds or tone up those arms?
  • Personal Development - what will you do to increase your knowledge or work on you?
  • Social - what will you do this year for leisure or fun?  and how much time will you spend on it?
This video outlines HOW to set your goals and offers up a variety of points to ponder:

Step 1: Make a list of 10 goals - no really - WRITE THEM DOWN
Step 2: Analyze those goals to make sure they are SMART
Step 3: Share your goals with someone important to you - who can help hold you accountable.

Be sure to check out Part II of the Goal Setting series!

My 2016 Goals for Accountability

Writing Down the Goals AND Making Them Public

If you follow me on ANY of my social medias (Periscope, Twitter, FB) then you know I've been talking a lot lately about goals.   HECK, I even did a 3-part series on achieving goals.  So I wanted to share with you my goals for 2016 here on the blog  for those who have asked to see mine!

1) Read through at least one devotion plan month on the YouVersion Bible app (Spiritual Wellness)

2) Spend at least one "date night" a month with my husband to reconnect & rejuvenate our marriage, making our partnership a priority. (Relationship Wellness)

3) The kids each will experience a "Special Day" each month helping them to feel important, special and centered. (Relationship Wellness)

4) I finish the year as a Star Diamond Premier Beachbody Coach (Career Wellness)

5) We build the outdoor gazebo and spend at least one night a week this summer enjoying family time (Physical Environment & Social Wellness)

6) I add $200 a month to our family savings and $100 a month into a retirement plan (Financial Wellness)

7) Complete at least two personal development training programs by May 2016 (Intellectual Wellness)

8) Cross the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon with a time of 4:30 (Physical Wellness)

9) Release three more ebooks by July of 2016 (Intellectual Wellness)

10)  Pass my Health Coach Certification test by April 2016 (career wellness)

Maybe you can relate to a few of these goals.  I will take each of these goals and analyze them to reverse engineer them -- meaning, figure out HOW I'm going to reach them.  That will include the creation of micro goals which will help me to create my weekly plan and my daily TO DO list.

These are my PERSONAL goals.  I also set business goals that include things like growing my social media reach, helping a certain number of people each month and earning various promotions.

If you follow me on Periscope, you may have caught the live broadcast about my 2016 ONE WORD: that is FOCUS.

I'd love to read about YOUR goals in the comments below:


Finding Your Inner Strength to Reach Success

How Inner Strength Can Help You Transform Your Life

Beginning a new "thing" is something many of us are pondering this time of year.  New fitness program.  New reading programs.  New child behavior management strategies.... NEW.  With NEW can come excitement, but also stress and fear that you won't keep up with it or this time will fail like the 99 other times.  People like you and me have struggled with change since the dawn of time.

Yet, every year, some people seem to make permanent change and others do not.  I look back at my own transformation and ask myself "why was THIS TIME different?"  and I honestly have to answer that for the FIRST time I was finally focusing on my inner transformation as much as my outward transformation.  Yes, I was losing weight and getting healthy, but more importantly, I was finally changing the way I was looking at food, relationships, emotions, and my spiritual journey.

I was finally looking at my OWN journey.  I was finding and using my inner strength.  I've learned over the years that the inner strength we gain through life is more valuable than physical strength -- although both are important.

As you may be pondering a BIG CHANGE in your life - maybe adding a child to your family, starting a fitness program, changing careers.... I wanted to share with you three things that helped me to find my inner strength and how that has helped me to reach success in my marriage, my health, my relationships, and my career.

1) Find Your External Strength

You may have heard it before but fitness can be a gateway to many life changes. When we become physically fit - STRONG - we begin to feel capable of more and more.  That feeling of capable transfers over to other things like strong enough to finally tell that person in your life who "uses" you that you don't like it.  Strong enough to learn a new language.  Strong enough to run a marathon.  Strong enough to beat depression.  Strong enough to leave that job you hate.... When we workout to be physically fit - STRONG - and not a size 0, we change our mindset.  When we change our mindset, we begin to find that inner strength.

2) Remember that time will always pass

So many people tell me that they wait to begin a fitness program until _____ fill in the blank ____.  I even said it myself.  "Once I lose a few pounds."  "When I go back to work."  "When the kids get older."  Then I realized that time kept passing and the pounds kept adding up.  I DECIDED.  I made a CHOICE.  I FOCUSED.... and started a program.  There were many days in the beginning I wanted to quit, but I figured "Half-@$$ed" was better than not at all so I kept going.  Time will not stop.  We must focus on something meaningful to do with our time.  Taking care of YOU is important.

3) Small Changes over Time Lead to Success

We can't make changes overnight.  It just isn't that simple!  BUT - we can make small changes each day that will help us to develop inner strength to give up those foods that are bad for you, to quit smoking, to stop swearing, etc...  I used to LOVE to drink my big (and I mean B I G) cup of coffee and would joke that I like my creamer with a little coffee.  I knew that creamer was full of sugar so I started by purchasing a healthier option.  Then I started using less and less until I was finally drinking BLACK coffee.  Then, when I was diagnosed with my thyroid issues I was told to eliminate coffee.  ...sigh, I did the same, less and less coffee each day for several days weeks until coffee was no longer part of my morning routine.  I still miss it.  I practiced the same philosophy with waking up earlier.  And so many OTHER changes I've made in my life.  SMALL changes over time lead to permanent change.  Do you think marathoners just went out one day and ran 26.2 miles?  NO, they didn't.  Do you think that super fit person you know was born that way?  NO, they were not.  Small changes over time will help YOU to form habits.  That is how you exercise your inner strength.

There are a lot of "exercises" you can do to build up your inner strength.  If you're trying to get physically fit and think you're not ready - try parking a little further away from the store entrance at the mall.  Add one healthy vegetable to your meal each day.  Start small and focus on your inner journey.

When we begin to focus on our INNER journey, it is then that we truly find who we are.


Why is accountability so important?

How to FINISH What You Start!

Is your bookshelf filled with countless books you've started but never finished?  or the five different workout programs that you only partially completed?  or Maybe you just feel like you're NEVER getting ahead!

I can relate!  I joke about my multiple knitting projects around my house and we won't talk about how many workout VHS (yes, tapes!) have been donated that were barely used.  Or do you remember the thigh master?  Yes, I had one -- can't tell you if it actually worked though!
how to finish what you start

Have you ever uttered the words "I don't have time" or "I just don't feel motivated" or "I could never do that"?  I KNOW I have!  

When you were in college, your professors probably gave you homework assignments with specific details and a due date - you more than likely DID it.  As a child, you maybe had chores that you (begrudingly) (with attitude) did.  

But when it comes to keeping ourselves accountable for things like eating healthy, working out, reading devotions - well, let's face it.  No one is REALLY there telling us what to do!

....or is there?

Part of my job as your Team Beachbody Coach is to hold you accountable.  I am your PARTNER in helping you to achieve success.  

Let's take a closer look at what I do to help you finish what you start:


I host online fitness groups designed to help you form habits for 30 days.  Best part?  You can do this without ever changing out of your workout clothes or wiping the baby vomit off of your shirt!  This is all virtual so you don't have to fight over a good parking space at the gym or feed a meter or get a babysitter.  


Let's face it.   When others are taking action - WE are more likely to take action.  This leads to us doing our workout, reading our devotion, making healthier choices... essentially DOING what needs to be done!  This is why the groups work!


You've heard it before "write it down or it will never get done"  There is so much truth to this.   As your coach and accountability partner, I work with you on how to figure this out.  As a mom of 3, I'm familiar with a busy schedule and how to stretch my 24 hours for maximum time and teach you how to survive navigate ROCK your day! 

Do Online Fitness Groups work
Are you tired of not having enough time and always making excuses but never getting results?  Are you ready to ditch your stretchy pants for a cute little black dress?

You are worth the effort!  You  can't afford to let another day go by with a fitness program that goes uncompleted! 

I have helped hundreds of women like you and me to achieve their health and fitness goals.  (And eating kale every day isn't even a requirement!)

I was afraid that I was going to spend thousands of dollars on food and workouts and that it would be JUST like those VHS tapes (or thigh master....) but because of the online groups and the fun we had (yes, talking about how much better one poops and how your boobs sag less thanks to push ups is FUN) I started seeing results!

There is a program for EVERYONE, beginner to bad@$$ 

I am only opening FIVE spots in my next accountability group that kicks off  December 27 - Just in time for the holiday hustle to end and get focused on our new year goals.

Claim YOUR spot now!  APPLY TODAY for priority consideration