My Insane Journey Through Insanity

This Mom of 3 EARNED IT!

I saw the infomercials.  My friends were tweeting about it.  Everyone was doing it.  ....And I was so stinkin' scared of it that I always found an excuse.  "I'm nursing an injury." "I just bought TurboFire" Then one day, out of the blue, a few of the people I was helping asked me to do Insanity with them.   Wait...these people, who are just starting their fitness journey... I have to accept the challenge. (insert loud GULP sound here)
Okay, so I purchased my DVDs, had my chocolate Shakeology and had a private support group on Facebook put together. I took my measurements, weighed in and laid out my workout gear for the next day.  I was ready.  Yep, I could do this! YES! Piece of cake.  (am I convincing anyone here, because I'm not convinced....)
I started my journey with the Insanity Fit Test. I had just completed P90X and TurboFire so Insanity couldn't be that much more of a challenge, right? (its all about the positive talk, friends -- POSITIVE thoughts!) Let's just say that first fit test left a lot of room for improvement.After the first week of workouts, and really struggling, HATING every minute of it.... I realized I was making a big mistake.  No, the workout was not a mistake - my mental journey was wrong. My mind was not in the right place.
I was trying to keep up with ShaunT, Tania and the rest of the Insanity cast.  Guess what??  I'm not them!  I have different life situations (like a child who does not sleep all night!!) I work 40 hours a week outside of the home, I run, I am a wife...I wear a lot of hats.  I'm me.  I do what I can.  I work hard, I push myself and I quit trying to be a member of the Insanity cast and just did what was best for ME! When I DECIDED that I was going to be the best ME I could be, and I did MY best, I noticed a huge change.  -- and not just with measurements.
improvementI became mentally stronger.  I learned how to push myself to MY best, without letting what the Insanity cast members were doing distract me.  There were moves that I started out only able to do 1 or 2, and that number never got higher than 5.  ...and I still got results.  I got stronger in EVERY way.
This may seem like a strange post for a coach to share, but I wanted you to know that our struggles are REAL.  I had to really work hard for this journey.  Eight weeks of hard work, dedication and commitment.  But guess what?  At the end of those 8 weeks, I wasn't just a different person physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I know many of you see the infomercials and think 'I could NEVER do that.'  I get it.  I hear you!  I WAS YOU!!!  ....but someone challenged me to be more.  To make a change!
Take this challenge with me!  You will not just have the support of me as your coach, but a few other coaches who know that this journey is better with friends.

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