I Run For Joshua

 Running For Those Who Can't

Several months ago I signed up to be matched with a buddy on Who I Run For.  It's an organization who pairs individuals with special needs with people who can be mobile.  I remember match day like yesterday!!!  It was like CHRISTMAS!!  

I run, ride, walk, workout, whatever.... for Joshua.  As a result, my son has taken up Batting for Joshua (baseball!).  See, Joshua melts my heart.  He is a special little boy who battles everyday.  Joshua has Autism and with that comes many other challenges.  In addition, he is the monkey in the middle of their family.  See, I have a monkey in the middle too, and you know what... they are just extra special!!!  I believe that God gave ME Joshua.  I know this is supposed to be an uplifting experience for the buddy, but I will not lie - I am encouraged, inspired, motivated and moved by the efforts that Joshua puts forth every single day!!
During this marathon training I keep thinking about quitting.  That its tough.  Its hard to battle through injuries, fatigue, life, work.....  But you know what I do?  I think of Joshua.  I think of all of the things that are hard for Joshua on a daily basis that he must do. The concept of being paired with someone who can't run is to be a blessing to that person.  I must admit that Joshua is a blessing to me.  He is so motivating and encouraging and just full of JOY!  Joshua is a blessing to our family, also, helping to educate my son (the one who is old enough to understand!) about  Autism and that just because someone is different or maybe has struggles, they still enjoy doing ordinary boy things!  You know -- super heroes and math and learning languages ;)

If you have the gift of mobility, I encourage you to share it with someone.  It truly is a gift to be able to be enjoy something as simple as walking to your mail box.  We take so much for granted - and Joshua helps me to be a better person!


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