My Invisible Illness

 My Struggle with Thyroid Disease

It all makes sense now.  The severe bouts of depression. The mood swings.  The weight fluctuations.  The EXTREME hair loss. The infertility struggles.  My extreme exhaustion.  My hips and shoulders aching to a point of being in tears.  Extreme sensitivity to the cold (hello, Polar Vortex!!). The overall feeling of ICK.  

Now it makes sense.... but until a few months ago I just wasn't putting the puzzle pieces together.  I went off of my one medication in October 2014 because I thought it was making me not feel well.  It took several months to get it out of my system and instead of feeling better - I actually started to feel worse.  MUCH. MUCH. MUCH worse. I was having issues I've never experienced before, including MASSIVE hair loss and wicked mood swings. I went to see my doctor about other complications that I was experiencing and the physician's assistant actually asked if my thyroid had ever been tested.  nope. I did share with her that my mom is a thyroid cancer survivor so it would not be completely surprising if this was from my thyroid, as I have a strong family history. Appointment made with endocrine specialist - check

Fast forward FOUR long months of waiting for the appointment date to arrive.......

I had some great conversations with the doctor.  While my numbers were not extreme, they are not in the normal range.  Okay, so there is an issue, but it isn't as bad as it could be.  BUT, it does not change how I don't feel well and struggle with many of the symptoms that Thyroid disorder can bring.  I am diagnosed as Hypothyroid - meaning my thyroid is under active.   However, after more conversation, I am being tested for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - a disease in which the body's immune system attacks the thyroid gland, most often leading to under active thyroid.

I consider myself a proactive health person.  I don't believe that health care professionals know everything -- NOR do I think that is realistic of anyone.  I've spent a lot of time reading, researching and learning.  If you've followed me at all, you know I'm a believer in WELLNESS care and that food can be our greatest medicine or our slowest form of poison.  While many physicians may not necessarily agree that eliminating certain foods from the diet can help with thyroid issues, it seems like so many people living with the condition do.  Guess what - power to the people!  I'm going to go with what works for those living with the disease. 

I've started eliminating foods from my diet that are known to cause thyroid problems: no dairy. no gluten. no grains. Essentially, I'll be eating paleo.  I've already eliminated dairy and gluten a while back and know I can't eat them without feeling gross.  I officially kick this off on Monday.  I've been detoxing with the 3-Day Refresh trying to rid my body of any junk and kick start the elimination process.

Have you ever done an elimination diet before?  Would you like to join me for a paleo eating plan?  I'd love support and accountability!

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