PiYo for a Lean, Strong, Athletic Body

Get Lean! Get Strong!

Chalene Johnson's PiYo Workout in Your Home

PiYo has been around the gyms and fitness studios for several years, but now this mainstream mind-body fusion class that is driven by music for athletic training will be available on DVD for you to get lean and strong in the comfort of your own home!

In this amazing new workout you will use your own body weight to perform a series of continuous targeted moves. PiYo workout incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibilityThese moves will burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.
Wondering what results to expect? Problem areas become no problem. You'll get sleek, long arms, sexy, flat abs, a tight, lifted butt, and the confidence that comes from knowing you're at your best! This is your chance to define exactly how you want to look—and how you want to feel. You're in control. 

Check out my 30 day results!  I know it may not look earth shattering, but I FEEL amazing.  I"m so much stronger and lost 2" off my waist, 1" off my thighs and  gained an inch on my booty.  For the girl with the flat butt, I"m thrilled about the shape and definition!  I'm also feeling so much more strength in my core -- and this mom of 3 couldn't be happier!
 This workout is perfect whether you are an advanced athlete or a beginner.  According to celebrity trainer, Chalene Johnson, the training you get during PiYo allows you to burn incredible amounts of calories that you wouldn’t in a traditional pilates or yoga workout.
Releases Summer 2014!!

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