Runnin' Away ... But Always Coming Back

When This Mom Feels Like Running Away, Sometimes I do

Running is my stress relief.  It is a chance for me to recoup from all the cries of "MOM!" and "honey, can you do this" and work and emails and texts...just ME and the open road.  Do I ever feel like quitting - YOU BET! Usually before I even lace up my running shoes.  For me, running is more about MENTAL stamina than physical stamina.  About mile 6 the little voice starts to say 'okay, that's enough' ...but you keep running.  Mile 8 the voice says 'your legs are tired, you should stop.'  ....but you keep running.  By mile 10 the voice is SCREAMING now that you are TIRED and need to quit ....but you keep running
runnerBeing a mom is never easy.  It usually means long hours, being under-appreciated and over worked.  Last year, I decided as part of my fitness journey, I would take up running.  It had always interested me, but I was never fit enough to do it.
In July 2013 I ran my first half marathon.  I finished in 2:20 so not to shabby for my first 13.1!  I love it, though!!!  I crossed my my second half marathon off my list a few months later!   I was really training for a time of around 2:10, but alas, I was a few minutes over that.  However, 2 months later, I crossed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon finish line with a time of 2:09!!  If you know anything about the city of Pittsburgh -- you know how special reaching that goal is to me!  

So how does this busy working wife & mom find time to run?  I schedule it and have a supportive family.  I use my lunch breaks to squeeze in mileage, I go early in the morning.... I do whatever it takes, I just KEEP on RUNNING.  I am often asked WHY in the world I run? or WHY I would want to run.

Before you know it, you have completed your mileage and you're crossing the finish line.  As moms, we are always SO strong for everyone else.  Running is mommy's time out for me.
Isn't it time to be strong for YOU?  Let me know if you run even a mile today.  Remember that you don't need to be fast, you just need to move!

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