Spinach Calzone 21-Day Fix Approved

21-Day Fix Approved Spinach Calzone with a side of sauce

1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1/2 purple

1. Lay a whole wheat "flat out" on prepping station
2. Add 1 red of ricotta cheese
3. Add 1 green of fresh spinach
4. Mince half of a garlic clove and add on top.
5. Add a blue of mozzarella cheese
6. Scramble an egg and lightly brush around the edge. Pull top of flat over and use fork to seal the edge closed
7. Brush the top with 1 tsp of oil and bake 450 for about 20 mins to brown
8. Heat up 1/2 purple of tomato sauce and serve with it.

Italian food fix style is yum. You are welcome


  1. This would so take care of my "pizza" craving. I need to remember this for next time I want Little Caesars!

  2. I am pretty much Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec when it comes to calzones, so this is awesome!