What Do I Do With a Tomatillo?

...other than make salsa!

In my weekly CSA share, I was blessed with 6 of these little gems! Unfortunately, I 1) didn't know what it was 2) know what to do with it.  Pinterest is wonderful!  Once I read through my CSA newsletter and identified it as a tomatillo I went to work researching recipe ideas.  Salsa. salsa. more salsa.  UM....seemed like a lot of work!

Search "tomatilla not salsa" and HURRAY -- a recipe that was NOT SALSA!

So, I went to work and added my own twist for a single serving and to my own taste buds (i.e. NOT spicy!)

Peal and wash 1 tomatillo
Sautee 1 tablespoon of minced garlic in 1 tablespoon of olive oil for a few minutes to unleash the garlic flavor! (hi, mom of 3, did you really expect me to time it?)

slice and quarter your tomatillo and add to your pan with a dash of pink Himalayan salt.

Cook your tomatillos until they start to break down and get soft - stirring so you don't burn your deliciousness!

While those cook down, measure out 1 red container from your 21 Day Fix of shrimp.

After your tomatillos break down and are done cooking, transfer them to a blender. Add in some fresh cilantro. 

  Blend to creamy wonderfulness.....
While your tomatillos blend, sautee your shrimp with coconut oil, pepper and a bit more garlic.  Cook until your shrimp are  smelling delicious! (approx the time it takes to wipe your toddler's nose and wash your hands!)

Add your creamy wonderfulness to the shrimp and cook for a few more minutes.  (Umm... approx the time it takes to remove milk from fridge, fill the toddler's sippy cup and place milk back in fridge!) 

And ENJOY!!!  This serving of one was a perfect lunch for me, paired with an apple.


21 Day Fix Portions:
1 green
1 red
1 orange

apple = 1 purple

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