Preparing for Battle - a weekly Candida Meal Plan

Fighting the candida battleYou all know by now that I like to plan.  I believe when it come to nutrition planning is the driving force towards success.  When it comes to fighting Candida overgrowth, I am NOT able to cheat.  Every time I eat something that isn't on my "yes food" list, I am feeding the monster.  I keep picturing gremlins.   (I know, I'm aging myself, here!)  Don't feed the gremlins!  That's my motto.  See -- every time I consume food with sugar, I"m feeding the candida monsters.

 My particular plan that I am working with the naturopath and nutritionist on involves some specific measures.  I'm not able to eat any fruit for 3 weeks, so Shakeology will be serving as my 2 purple containers.  Additionally, no coffee.  AGH...I weaned myself off of the coffee and now am drinking green tea with coconut oil in the mornings.  Coconut oil is great for helping to kill candida!

So here is MY weekly meal plan for February 1-7:
candida diet piyo

This is what I am following, plus the addition of the supplements as directed by my naturopath.  I drink around one gallon of water eat day to flush the toxins.  This will also be my first week of detoxing as the candida die off.

Have you ever heard of candida?  Know someone who struggles with it?  Maybe even you?  I'd love to hear from you!!!

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