Eating Plan for Candida on the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program

I was hesitant to try a new program, but I saw all of the previews and all of the information and I was IN LOVE and I knew I could do this!  I love lifting weights, I love the 21 Day Fix portion concept and I knew I had to be in the first round.  BOOM... Candida Overgrowth Diagnosis.  #dislike

But, alas, I decided to take this storm HEAD ON!  I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme (21DFX) yesterday and I'm IN LOVE!!!  

So knowing that I can't eat a lot of different things because of the candida, I wondered about the eating plan.  HA!  WIN!  WIN! WIN!

Here is my 7-day plan for this week.  I'm following the Countdown to Competition option because it aligns nicely with no fruit and then will allow me to add in limited fruit later in the week.  I can only have 1 apple once or twice a week starting Friday so this works well.  Although, I still plan to keep my fruit portions lower than the eating plan recommends, this is a great start!!

Candida on the 21 Day Fix

The hardest part is finding enough protein options.  I am all for eating chicken numerous times a day, several times a week, but I also know that I have lots of lean meats in my freezer to use up! I made sure to find out what is being served at our dinner Saturday night so I can even prepare for that.  I will give hubby my dessert so he can be extra happy!  

Do you follow the meal plan of your workouts?  Or, do you find it a challenge?  I'm here to help!!!  Just Contact Me!

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