Healthy Snack Options for Busy Moms

Let's be real, sometimes it is just hard to get enough to eat.  We're busy moms, running here there and EVERYWHERE and often trying to get our own children to eat.   But, it is important that we FUEL our bodies - with healthy food!

Morning Snack
Option 1) 
Vanilla Almond Fudge
scoop of chocolate (or 1 envelope),
1 T. almond butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ tsp. cinnamon
1 c. unsweetened almond milk


¾ cup yogurt, 1 T. natural nut butter or PB2, ½ tsp. cinnamon, stevia to taste and 1 medium apple

Afternoon Snack:

Salsa Boats
2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 tsp yellow or Dijon mustard, 2 tsp. salsa

Cut eggs in half – remove yolks. Combine egg yolks with mustard in small bowl. Mix well. Spoon egg yolk mixture evenly into egg white halves top with salsa.

Do you eat planned healthy snacks? 

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