These Candida Cravings are KILLING ME!

Sugar Detox helpLast week, I was diagnosed by my naturopath with Candida Overgrowth.  I have been eating healthy for a very long time, with very minimal processed sugars, sweets, etc...  I honestly didn't think the cleanse/detox phase of the candida diet would be bad.  UM...... understatement of the year.  Not only are the cravings fierce and intense, but they are all consuming!!!!  Honestly, if my arm were made of something sweet right now, I'd be gnawing it off.  BAD!

So, I have to be armed to FIGHT.  This means sticking to my meal plan!  YES.  STICKING TO IT!!  No cheating.  This means I'm feeding my body the fuel it needs and following the strict candida diet guidelines.  Now, there might be some argument about Shakeology, but here's my thoughts:

1) It is loaded with healthy probiotics and many other ingredients that help to fight candida.  Shakeology contains over 70 ingredients chosen for their potency and their ability to deliver nutrients to your body that it needs!  Just a few: 

  • Protein
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Prebiotics
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytonutrients
  • 23 Vitamins & Minerals

 2) No corn-syrup, gluten, antibiotics, MSG, GMOs or other yuck.  The sweetness in Shakeology comes from Stevia and non-GMO fructose.

3) Shakeology does have ingredients that are not on the super strict anti-candida diet: fructose being one of them.  HOWEVER, in my opinion, it is very lower sugar and carb content of any nutritional shake I've researched.  In addition, Shakeology contains many immune boosters and are actually known to fight candida.  PLUS- there are many health benefits that you get from Shakeology that you don't get elsewhere.  

While I am personally okay with drinking one Chocolate Vegan Shakeology everyday, please remember that YOUR BODY is  different than mine and has different needs.

I also find that drinking water like it is going out of style helps.  I purchased a water filtering system so I don't need to buy gallons of distilled water each day.  Drinking water helps.

Nuts are also a cravings killer!  Raw almonds, almond butter and these little bits of joy called Coconut Almond Balls - yes, they rock my socks.

So, while trying to detox the candida out of my system is a challenge, there are tools that are helping to make it less awful!!!

Did you experience candida die-off and intense cravings?

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