Busy Moms Can Be Fit Too: Preparation is Key

I hear it ALL of the time... "I just don't have time for this..." or "I'm not a morning person...." or "...its so hard to workout in the morning"

I know, I know...hold on... Let me be REAL here for a minute.  ...This whole wake up early and workout thing CAN be hard.  As a mom, I know there are nights when my children (11, 6, 4) don't always sleep well (nightmares, vomiting, restlessness...)  and those early morning alarm clocks become the devil!

BUT- I know that I FEEL better and am in a better MOOD when I workout.  Surprisingly enough, I'm also more energized.

Help for a busy mom
To make the transition from bed to home gym easier I get EVERYTHING ready the night before - I lay out my workout clothing, have my contact solution and case waiting for me in the bathroom and let's not forget my Energy & Endurance Pre workout Formula!  (<--- HEEeellllooo....can't do super early workouts without it!)  
I even cue up my DVDs, get any needed equipment ready and so literally ALL I need to do is get dressed, put in my contacts, drink pre workout and PUSH PLAY.

I'll be honest..some mornings after a rough night, I don't workout in the morning.  Sometimes a mom just needs SLEEP.  That's okay - sleep is just as important as working out and nutrition.  But I don't make a habit of this and I will try and schedule it for later in the day.  However, sometimes it just won't allow for it.  These are days where I will take my sneakers to work and walk on my lunch break or even run.  Although, now with Beachbody On Demand, I am able to squeeze in a workout on my lunch break!  NICE!

All in all, nothing about being a mom is easy.  Being a fit and healthy mom does present challenges, but the alternative to feeling miserable, tired, unhealthy presents a worse set of challenges, in my opinion.  CHOOSE YOUR HARD!

Do you workout at night or in the morning?

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