Do you HUNGER for Christ? Faith Friday Devotion

Today is Faith Friday on Faith For Busy Moms.  While we often focus on what we eat and how much  and how often and making sure we drink enough water -- are we spending enough time focusing on HUNGERING for Christ?

Hunger Eating Healthy BibleIf you follow my journey, you know that I struggle with an autoimmune disorder - Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease and also Candida Albicans overgrowth.  I'm very aware of what food I eat and follow a nutrition plan, fitness plan and other daily routines to help my body heal and function at its best.

But I noticed that I was not doing all I could do to strengthen my spiritual growth.  It wasn't that I wasn't hungering for Christ, in fact, I was craving Him....I just was depriving that hunger of what it needed -- THE BODY OF CHRIST!  He is the bread of life and we need to feed our soul with HIM!  His word.  His followers. HIS light!

I am a HUGE fan of following a nutrition and fitness routine -- but at the same time -- many of us lack the same discipline with our spiritual journey.  I know how difficult it is to be disciplined with a devotion plan -- which is why I created "Faith 4 Busy Moms".  Its also why I've been scoping daily a short devotion.  I knew this was an area in my life that was out of balance and was hungering for Christ.

Are you hungering for Christ?  How are you feeding that hunger?
Busy Person Devotion Series

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