How do you plan and prep your meals when you are a busy mom?

Well...I can help you with JUST that!!  Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and how I can help:

I have always been a slender built girl.  I didn't notice drastic changes in my body until after I had my third baby.  I was tired, sluggish, depressed.  I didn't realize how out of control the situation was getting until I saw this photo my son snapped of me.  I was almost 175 pounds, a size 14 and didn't have enough energy to play with my kids.

I decided to start an at home workout program because I just didn't have time to get to a gym.  I eventually found TurboFire and Shakeology and dropped 35 pounds and was wearing a size 6.  More importantly than the weight loss is that I had energy again.  I was finally feeling like a 30 something mom instead of an 80 something :)  I continued to refine my nutritional needs by completing PiYo, 21 Day Fix and most recently this July- 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I decided to become a coach to help other moms -- just like me -- reclaim their health!

I don't post these photos to brag.  I don't think physical appearance is ultimately about how we look - but more so about how we feel.  I have confidence now to ROCK any outfit that I want to wear.  I have confidence to wear a bathing suit in public.  I have endless energy -- even with my hypothyroid issues.  

More important than the external transformation are all of the "small" transformations-- Our family has completely changed the way we eat.  Our grocery bill is actually LOWER.   I am stronger and able to help with the more physically demanding chores around the house.  My thyroid medication is a very low dose - as I've been able to manage my endocrine health with careful nutrition and exercise as a stress outlet.

I am in a contest this month with my coaching business and our team has set a goal to help 50 individuals each this month with THEIR own health journey.  Beginning August 14,  I am holding a 5-Day meal planning / meal prepping virtual workshop on Facebook and would LOVE for you to enroll for FREE.    If you would like to participate, simply email me to claim your spot and I can respond with how to get started.
Food Prepping as a busy mom

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