Fourteen Years Later

Remembering September 11 - We Will Never Forget

It was just another day.  Routine. I went to work, an elementary music teacher at the time, and went about class after class.  It was my first job since graduating from college and I was still pretty new since school had only started a few years prior.  I kept my cell phone in my car.  I wouldn't need it during the day.

It was my prep period.  I went to the office to grab my mail (a.k.a. check for junk catalogs!) and saw on the small office television that a plane had hit one of the world trade centers.  I continued to watch, and prayed for those involved.  My stomach began to hurt.  It was at that point that we watched the second plane hit the second tower.  As I type this, I still get goose bumps.  My heart was breaking -- our amazing country was under attack.  We didn't know who or why and no one had declared it  -- but we knew.

I had to go back about my day of teaching.  My heart was pounding.  My mind was continuing to pray for the victims and their families and my body went about teaching a beginning flute class lesson.  I vividly remember that moment like it was yesterday.  

Mom Wife Over lunch, I learned that a plane went down in a field in Somerset County near an old strip mine.  Oh my gosh... my world stopped.  I couldn't catch my breath.... My cell phone.. my cell phone was in my car.  I had to call him.  He was headed to Somerset.  He was to collect samples that day.  Oh my gosh.... 

My 9/11 devotion is Psalm 23.  What stands out most to me from this passage is that we walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death.... we don't hang out there.  We don't dilly dally -- God brings is to challenges and it is OUR JOB to seek I'm and find his comfort.

To hear how my September 11th story ends, watch my Periscope replay.  I promise -- it will allow you the opportunity to look at those you love and remember to NEVER take one moment with them for granted.

Patriot Day

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