How I Stay Fit with an Autoimmune Disorder

Low Impact Fitness, High Octane Nutrition

Its funny -- I went from crossing the finish line of my second marathon to feeling like I was barely able to get out of bed and walk a few weeks later.

Seriously?  What in the world?  I thought my Hashimotos was in remission?  I just got off a HUGE high of running 26.2 miles and then a few weeks later feel like I'm dying?  What was going on?

Hashimotos Thyroid Autoimmune DiseaseI am eating Paleo.  I don't eat gluten.  I only eat apples and berries as my fruit.  Like, I seriously only eat meat, veggies, apples and berries and nuts/seeds and of course, my Vegan Shakeology.

Okay, I will give the high intensity workouts a rest and start of PiYo again.   ....AHHHHhhhhhh.... RELIEF!  My body was craving the stretch, flexibility and low impact cardio.  

So let's rewind a bit.  At mile 20 during the Pittsburgh Marathon, I felt my right hip pop and it was grinding every step I took during the last 10K.  I took time off to recover, but really that time off was just cycling, yoga and 21 Day Fix Extreme.  So...not REALLY time OFF.  Fast forward to July 2015 and I was still struggling with running, hip pain and fatigue, weight gain and brain fog.

Sigh-- full blown Hashimotos, no longer remission.  In August I decided to restart PiYo and that means drinking Vegan Shakeology and following the meal plan.  While my thyroid antibodies are still very high, but the symptoms are starting to subside.   The brainfog has lifted, my body is no longer as aching, the fatigue isn't as bad (my iron is STILL low) and the inflammation is down.
What is PiYo

Let's talk about why:

  •  Piyo's focus is to use your body to sculpt your body.  The moves are inspired by yoga and pilates and use low impact moves to stretch and strengthen your body.  This means  that your body is moving how it is intended to move without beating yourself up.
  • Shakeology is not only delicious, but full of dense superfoods: Holy Basil for energy and endurance, Goji Berry for memory, different fungus for inflammation and memory, Spirulina and Chlorella - superfoods that help to rebuild cells (also used in Parkinson and Alzheimers treatments and many cancer treatments) ...and SO many more!  It is really amazing and delicious "stuff" :)
  • Athletic training that won't leave you broken!  The cardio training that PiYo provides is all low impact - you'll see things like lunges, squats, burpees, skaters and more!  And always a clear way to modify.  You'll increase your heart-rate without banging your knees and hips.
As a certified PiYo Live instructor, I have a great deal of experience in teaching PiYo, thus, helping you to modify any move that you need to modify.  I've completed the program numerous times and have continued to achieve results.  Every. Single.Time I restart PiYo I'm feeling better within a few weeks.  

Our bodies CRAVE movement.  Our bodies NEED the stretch and flexibility PiYo provides.  Our bodies are DYING to move in a way that won't hurt our joints.  Our bodies are crying out for muscular strength.  Our internal organs, brain, digestive system are begging to be treated to all of the nutrients Shakeology provides.

I'm passionate about what Shakeology and PiYo have done for me and would love to talk with you on the phone about YOUR situation to see if PiYo could help you.

I'm mentoring 10 individuals RIGHT NOW through their own journey.  As they prepare for graduation, I'm opening up 10 more spots.  Let's talk to see if this is a good fit for you!
Hashimotos Thyroid and PiYo
PiYo Results - round 2
Have you ever thought of taking control of your autoimmune disorder?  Not sure WHERE to start but want to make changes?  I can help you with that!  You're not on your own or alone.  I've been in your shoes.  I am so glad that I started listening to my body again and made changes.  We only have one body -- we HAVE to take care of it.

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