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If you're like me, the holidays mean indulgence -- and usually in the form of food, wine and relaxation....

Last year, I decided to commit to 90 days of HEALTHY so that I could stay on track with my nutrition, exercise and sleep.  

This year, I am going to pay it forward by personally mentoring FIVE individuals who want to learn more about WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH to eat, workout in the privacy of their own home with a program that is not only simple to follow, but has proven results from HUNDREDS of people who have transformed their lives.

I was FULL of self-doubt when I embarked on my own healthy journey.  I thought it was be too expensive, too difficult, too much time.  But boy, I was beyond wrong.

Think you can't do it.... think again!  

Meet Amanda N.
How to lose weight at home

Amanda says "I am so proud to have definition in my abs that I have never seen before! And I don't just mean after kids --EVER-- even as a high school athlete! Even my marriage has improved.You don't realize how insecurities can creep between you until they are gone."

Amanda continues with "I love learning about the way to properly eat to fuel your body. Being able to learn about portion control has been life changing. I no longer look at bread and run the other direction- and I can eat pasta if I want! Its all about eating the right foods in the right combinations and amounts. I thought I ate healthy before doing the 21 day fix, but after losing about 50 lbs, my weight loss had plateaued. I was eating healthy and exercising EVERY day- WHY couldn't I lose weight? I knew the key had to be in the nutrition. As I tell all my challengers, you can't outrun your fork! So, it was a natural progression for me to try the 21 Day Fix. The results have been amazing. I lost 6 inches and 7 pounds, just in the first 21 days. This was incredible for me, as I had stayed at the same weight for over two months! Now, I am continuing to make low and steady progress, using the tools I have learned with the Fix."

Amand is not the only success story! 

Meet Tori M.
home fitness 21 Day Fix

Tori made the decision to make a change when she began "Realizing the stress in my life isn't going away anytime soon, I decided I couldn't put off my health and happiness for another day when things are easier. It's very likely that day will never come. I really wanted to be happy and fun mom for my kids, and I knew in order to be that person I needed to feel good about myself. My sister is a Beachbody coach and she knew just what to say to get me committed and light that fire in me again. She even purchased the 21 Day Fix program for me as a 30th birthday present. I wanted this for myself no matter what, but she helped me to stop procrastinating and just get. it. done!"

Tori explained the nutrition education she got with her challenge kit "The meal plan is fantastic. I love that the changes can easily be sustained for an entire lifetime. Definitely not a fad diet. I also LOVE that the program grows with you. In the beginning I had to do a lot of modifications and was still getting a great work out. Now I feel like I am in pretty great shape. I am back to running long distances, and I can now do the workouts without modifying, but I control my intensity and pace and get a great workout no matter what kind of shape I am in.


Amanda, Tori and me are NO DIFFERENT than you!  We each face our own obstacles, life situations and struggles.  This program is designed to TEACH you how to eat and provides a workout program that is SUPER easy for you to do in the PRIVACY of your own home.  No need to worry about day care, babysitters, gyms, classes, etc... On your time, your terms with a FREE online community for support!

For this holiday challenge you will get a FREE tote bag, FREE personal coaching from me, a FREE online community for support, access to online tools and resources,  two bonus workouts, reduced shipping fees and for a limited time a 70% cost savings on your start up kit.  ...all of that AND a money back guarantee.

What do you have to lose?  APPLY NOW!

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