A Day In The Life....of a Busy Mom

What Does A Busy Mom's Day Look Like?

If you're a mom, I don't have to tell you that life is chaos and crazy! ...but fun!  So I thought I'd share my typical day with you since so many other moms STRUGGLE with their healthy eating and getting in a workout!
working mom no time to workout

4:45am WAKE UP! and get workout clothes on, drink Beachbody Energize 

5am PUSH PLAY and workout | Bible time

6am  -- Shower and get dressed for work

6:30am - wake up kids and get THEM ready (dressed, breakfast, etc...)

7:20am -- kids on bus

7:30am - breakfast

7:45am -- Periscope Devotions | breakfast

8: 00-5:00-- Work!  (lunch break = Coaching Hours)

5:00 -- dinner and clean up

6:30pm -- homework

7:30pm -- bathtime | lunch packing | get ready for next day

8:30pm -- kids' bedtime | Coaching Office Hours | Quality Husband time

10:00pm -- BEDTIME

So this is a typical day for me!  Yes, I really get up at 4:45am, which is why I rely so heavily on a pre workout drink like Performance Energize.  And yes, i"m asleep at 10pm.  I am very busy, but still have found a way to fit in time for my coaching business and helping others on their journey.  This is just an outline and sometimes things don't take as much time and sometimes things take MORE time.

But when I have someone tell me that they don't have time to workout, I ask them to track their time. I don't watch much television or spend time on luxury reading!  My reading is all purposeful and will help me to grow.

So how are you spending your time?  DO you know where you struggle?  Are you ready to make a change

I have helped myself and developed systems to mentor YOU to finding the same success and creating a healthy habit of eating well and working out.  If you are struggling and wanting to find a way to make a change, email me and we'll arrange for a FREE consultation!

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