How to create a meal plan

Meal Planning Basics

Ugh... what to eat?  What is for dinner? MOM, what's for lunch!  Do you hear these phrases as frequently as I hear them in MY house?  Before I started my healthy journey in 2011 dinner was a NIGHTMARE, lunches were on-the-go and breakfast was nonexistent  Snack?  HA!  what snacks?

Yeah, I had horrible eating habits and I didn't even realize it.

That really didn't change until I took a clean eating challenge that my friend was leading and I really started to LEARN about food.  The role it played in our lives, how to read labels, what stuff is, etc...

When the 21 Day Fix came out in February of 2014, I was ALL IN and loved every minute of the plan.  The workouts rocked and the eating plan was SO easy to follow (I lost 7 pounds and found my abs!!!!).  BUT-- it required intentional planning on my part.  I've been creating meal plans ever since.  I used to type them up and post them here -- but let me be REAL with you -- that requires time I just don't have.  So I thought I'd share my hand written meal plan:
Diet Mom Busy

You can relate, right?  Like, washing and drying laundry -- but no one REALLY wants to take the time to fold it ;)

So this week the plan is to use up some items from the freezer that need to be used.  Its always my goal to make dinners that allow me leftovers.  ...and then after I made this meal plan I remembered that I had sauerkraut that needed to be made.  The thing about a meal plan is that I can EASILY swap one of the veggies on this plan for sauerkraut.  Sauerkraut is SO good for people like me who are dealing with Candida overgrowth -- plus it is delicious!

Many of the recipes are from the Fixate Cookbook.  If you haven't picked up your copy yet - DO IT!  SO many yummy and healthy recipes.  I am yet to try one and not like it.  PLUS they are designed to be easy.

Do you want to make your own meal plan?  You can click on the image below to download my free template.  You can thank me by leaving a comment and sharing this post with your friends ;)
diet low carb paleo
Print your own template
Do you already plan  your meals?  What about prepping your food?

Want to join my holiday challenge?  Join me for 90 days of fitness and nutrition accountability and motivation!


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