I'm TOO Tired to Workout

Finding MORE Energy to Workout With Beachbody Energy & Endurance and Performance Energize

Beachbody Performance E&EToo tired to workout was my number one excuse.  I'm a mom of three and I was working full time.  My oldest son is in sports and we were just movin' constantly.  I was also dealing with undiagnosed thyroid issues that were beginning to cause me trouble.

So I selected a workout and decided I'd get up early and workout at home because getting to the gym was just NOT going to happen.  After about a month of waking up at 5am and STRUGGLING to really push hard and get in a good workout, I found Beachbody's Supplements.

I would take one scoop of Energy & Endurance before every workout and even used it to fuel my runs, including my half marathons and marathons!

Just this year, though, Beachbody launched the BRAND NEW Performance line, which included a pre workout "Energize". I though 'OH NO!  I love E&E so much!  How will I choose?'

One of the main questions I get is "what's the difference between these two pre workouts?

Let's look at ingredients:
energy  endurance performance


In addition to the ingredients and benefits listed in the chart, Energy and Endurance includes other pre-workout ingredients to help maximize your workout:
Beta alanine: Amino acid that may enhance muscular endurance.
L-Glutamine: Amino acid that is known to aid recovery from hard training.
Quercetin: Bioflavonoid that may promote mental clarity and focus during a workout.
Bromelain and Papaya Extract: Ingredients known to help increase absorption of nutrients.
Phosphatidylserine: May help promote mental clarity and focus.
Rhodiola Extract: Root extract known to help support energy and endurance.
D-Ribose: Known to help provide energy to the body.


Key ingredients include beta-alanine, low-dose caffeine from green tea, and plant-based quercetin scientifically shown to delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue, improve performance, and help you push with maximum intensity.

Both ingredient lists are very clean ingredients.   The MAIN difference between these two products is that E&E was developed in 2010; Energize is the best energy formula according to current scientific consensus.

There are no current plans to discontinue E&E, but for me, I'll be using the Performance Line products.  
Performance Energize
Performance Energize 

I have found that for me, E&E is still my number one pick for endurance workouts like a long run, but Performance Energize is great for everything else.  Its awesome to know that I'm giving myself energy without fake sugars, chemicals and other "junk". 

Do you struggle for with energy for your workout?

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