October 2015 Goals

Life Goals for October 2015

How to set goalsI have been setting goals for as long as I can remember.  Goals are a great way of pushing yourself forward to accomplish tasks and I want my goals to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  But I need a little accountability.  I am going to start SHARING my goals here and use it as a way to tell myself "PEOPLE ARE WATCHING" and give myself some motivation.

Now, I graduated from Chalene Johnson's Smart Success Academy a few years ago (and then have repeated it since!) and write my goals as if they are already achieved.  The point behind this is to help yourself BELIVE that they are achieved to put yourself into a positive mindset. 

So here goes!   These goals are not in ORDER of importance, just a list of 10 goals I will accomplish by Oct. 31.  ACCOUNTABILITY for sure

1) I have completed Month 1 of TurboFire  and the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan by October 31 following the schedule with 90% accuracy

weight loss Speed metabolism2) I helped five people on my coaching team move their business forward by achieving success club or rank advancing

3) My husband and I spent at least one night a week reconnecting in a date night

4) Each of the three kids had their own special day 

5) Because of my business, I added $400 into our family savings

6) I helped five people begin their health and fitness journey and fifteen people learn more about healthy nutrition.

7) I completed the Faith4Moms ebook by October 17 for distribution to the public beginning on November 1.

8) I completed three personal development books by October 31, having read at least 20 minutes every day.

9) I read my bible every day and lead Periscope devotions Monday - Friday

10) Faith4Moms on Instagram gained 100 followers and at least 1 photo like a day

Some of those goals are a little ambitious, but I operate under the thought that your goals should scare you just a little.  Of my 10 goals, the one goal that will PUSH my other goals is to complete the eBook.    I excited to share this with you.  But until it is completed, you can access my FREE 5 Tips for Digging out of a Spiritual Rut here.

Do you set goals?  I'd love to hear what your goals are in the comments below:

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