Breaking Free From Food Cravings

Do you SUFFER with intense cravings?

I know that I used too SUFFER.  I knew that eating that chocolate or donut was a poor food choice, but I would SUFFER until I caved...and then set in the stomach ache...and then the guilt...

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Sound familiar?  If it does, you're NOT alone.  And while you may be beating yourself up over that extra piece of candy or the half a bag of potato chips you downed... Let's look at WHY you are craving and how we can overcome it.

REASON 1: You can't get it out of your mind

No, really...There are triggers in your brain that are activated by sugary or fatty foods.  Your memory of foods is ALSO very powerful and can trigger cravings.   Practicing meditation and being intentional with food is often helpful in "resetting" your mind and focusing on other things like feelings of happiness or joy and finding peace.  Calming the mind and focusing on something other than food is very freeing!


Maybe you call it eating your emotions or finding your happy place, but if you're like me when you are under stress you are in search for the CHOCOLATE or FRENCH FRIES.  You know, the homemade, fresh cut, drizzled in just the right amount of salt and malt vinegar.  Carbohydrates release serotonin.  Serotonin makes us feel calm.  In fact, there have been studies with stressed out rats that the combination of fats and sugars are even more effective at releasing serotonin than just carbs alone.


Cravings can also  be a sign of a nutritional deficiency or dehydration.  When your body lacks what it needs, it will crave what it isn't getting.  Our bodies are SO intuitive and will tell you exactly what you need - you just have to tune in and listen!

So how do you overcome this and BREAK FREE from your cravings?

Mind over matter isn't just a saying.  For years I struggled with food addiction - only thinking about food.  More like obsess, actually.  Funny thing it - it wasn't just unhealthy junk food I was focused on.  I was just focused on FOOD.  Part of how I work with my health and fitness clients is by focusing on what we crave and we take a deep look at our spiritual wellness to help focus our attention to more suitable cravings!  We work through a devotion series to help us focus on Jesus -- where our cravings actually belong!

Getting your stress level managed will be substantially helpful.  Stress is not only a reason for food cravings, but can also cause lack of sleep, weight gain, other health issues and just plain make your life unpleasant.  Find a healthy way to reduce stress like fitness.  Need help?  I love connecting people with fitness programs that meet your goals!

Lack of nutrients is tricky.  Sometimes we don't know what our body is missing.  Unless you do serious testing and analysis you may not ever know.  One of the main ways that I BREAK FREE of my cravings is with Shakeology.  This superfood-packed protein shake helps you to fight junk food cravings, increase your energy, and improve your digestion.  Because of the dense nutrition that is packed into Shakeology, you're feeding your body what it needs and increasing your energy to help you fight stress!

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