How to Increase Your Focus and Energy

Five Tips for Better Focus Throughout Your Day

hypothyroid mom

People like you and me - we are BUSY.  Pulled in a thousand different directions, fighting the daily fatigue of life and maintaining a positive attitude.  Add in a chronic illness like Hashimotos Thyroid or Hypothyroid and the brain fog and lack of mental clarity that accompanies that and well, I'm toast.

It took a close look at my daily nutrition to begin to see changes in how I felt.  But even following autoimmune paleo, then maintaining paleo and then the candida diet .... I was still FOGGY in the brain.

And we're not talking about a little "I can't find my car keys" ....we're talking can't follow trains of thought.  Can't remember what simple vocabulary words are - like shoes or bed or plate.  Frightening.
Maybe you can relate.

Here are a few tips that helped me regain my FOCUS and energy during the day.


For real.  Seems so simple, but keeping a list of five or six crucial tasks to complete will help you to focus on priorities.  If it does not need to be done today, put it on tomorrow's list.  I have found Evernote to be super helpful in tracking my lists.   Once you have your list, write down your plan of action.  Maybe this is your schedule, maybe your order of errand stops, or the research you need to do


Every aspect of your day presents different challenge.  Helping your kids with homework may mean no music or television or talking.  That office project may require a sound machine.  Turn off your cell phone notifications.  Figure out what allows you the best and maximum concentration.  


Making a list is important but knowing what is MOST important on your list is absolutely necessary.  Maybe you can't do task C until you do task E - then do task E as soon as possible.   Figure out your game plan with doing what is most important first!


I know.  I know...I still struggle with this myself, but people like you and me have to realize that delegation is not death!  Is it really a big deal if your 12 year old unloads the dishwasher or your 7 year old sets the table instead of you?  Or maybe those extra overtime hours need to be passed up to someone else.  Delegation empowers your family and those around you!  Don't simply "let it go" ... delegate!

increase focus on energy
Clean eating wasn't enough for me.  I was still lacking nutrients due to my Hashimoto's.  I added Shakeology a few years ago to my nutrition plan, but just recently started adding the boosts.  Part of my autoimmune disorder is digestive health - so you better believe I add 1/2 a scoop to my Chocolate Vegan along with a full scoop of Focused Energy.  I add Power Greens to my kale, celery and ginger  inflammation juice.

Focused Energy is designed to deliver a wholesome boost of energy. The energy comes from 100 mg of natural caffeine from guarana and green tea. This Boost also supports mental clarity, alertness, and focus.  Power Greens contains veggies like cucumber, kale, and spinach to deliver a full serving of vegetables in each scoop. Plus, this potent Boost supports the body's natural acid/alkaline balance. Digestive Health  is a blend of 7 grams of both soluble AND insoluble fiber packed into every single scoop.  This powerful boost helps support regularity and digestive health - two key pieces of my autoimmune health!  

By implementing solid tactics and sound nutrition with boosted health, I have been able to feel and BE more focused and having increased energy.

Do you struggle with brain fog?  What have you found to be helpful?


  1. Only when I din't feel well do I experience brain fog. My daughter does as a result of an autoimmune condition & I couldn't relate to it until recently. I couldn't live without lists and worked F/t, raised 2, got them everywhere, etc. Still love my lists. I use it to keep track of daily social media group tasks I'm in. Makes no sense to clutter the mind with remembering things that will not be needed later.

  2. I struggled with brain fog for years when I head fibromyalgia. Thankfully, God healed me. I understand what you're dealing with. Praying for you.

  3. These are all great tips, even for people who are not challenged with autoimmune disorders. What I find helpful is to step away for a short while and come back to it. If the fog persists, then I move on to tasks that still need to be done but don't require the same level of concentration.

  4. I have those moments.. usually my mind is flooded with ideas and I have to write them down so I can move on, it's tough but we ALL have to find something that works for us!

  5. I have Hashimoto thyroid, but luckily, I don't experience the symptoms you described above. Still, I write things down because I have a tons of items on my to-do list for my two businesses plus private projects. It helps if they are listed. I use a master list for my business where I add all ideas and to-do things. Then I pull 1-3 max. on my daily to-do list to avoid overwhelm. It also helps me a lot what Jackie mentioned above about stepping away for a while or moving on to a task that doesn't require the same level of concentration. Great tips!