Simple Healthy Eating Fundamentals

Clean Eating Simplified for Those Who Are Busy

I hear you!  You're in your car transporting one kid to baseball practice, another to ballet and then trying to get to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  Make a healthy dinner?  Seriously?
Eating Healthy Clean Eating

Okay, Okay, let's got to fantasy land for a moment.... I want you to imagine this day with me:

Everyone wakes up in a good mood and cooperates with getting ready for the day. (I told you, this is fantasy!!!) You are having an AMAZING hair day and have magically toned and tightened your booty (if we're going to have a fantasy, let's enjoy it!)

You pull a magical bag out of your freezer and plop the contents into your crockpot and a few minutes later everyone gets in your car, drives away happy and nothing but smiles.

You go through your day, never having to stop at a red light and you get a lunch AND potty break.

You and your family arrive home for those few short minutes to change your clothes and make your way out the door again.  BUT this time, you get to sit down, have a plate of warm, already cooked, healthy food!

....and then your wake up!


As a busy mom myself who wants to eat healthy and follow a healthy nutrition plan, this fantasy is all too familiar to me!  I WANT things to work this way, but for years made the excuse that I was just too busy to eat clean or healthy.  Honestly, I didn't think what I was eating was all "that bad"

As the fantasy above indicated, using your crockpot is one way to keep it simple.  Here are THREE TIPS to simplify the clean eating process that will help you to make healthier choices:


Yes, actually sit down for a few moments before you do your grocery shopping and plan out your evening meals.  It can be very overwhelming to plan out all three meals and snacks.  By starting with just one meal you can simplify the healthy eating process and also avoid the question "What's for dinner?".  Each week, I create a few frozen meals in a bag that are crock pot ready!  They include the meat, veggies, broth and spices.  We've even made crockpot lasagna and mac & cheese!


KISS. If you choose food in its most whole, unprocessed food, you will find that it is not only FAST, but also EASY and if you purchase it right CHEAP!  I keep my freezer stocked with frozen bags of veggie steamers like broccoli and asparagus or snap peas.  These are a great way to add veggies to your meal while keeping it simple.  Also, fresh fruit and veggies on hand, washed and ready to eat make the "grab & go" concept easier!


Along with keeping fresh fruits and veggies handy, keeping a healthy nutritional supplement around is also beneficial.  Just be aware that not all nutritional supplements are created equal!  My Go-To healthy eating simplified is of course, Shakeology.  On evenings when I am "mom's taxi" It takes me 5 minutes to mix my Shakeology and I know I'm getting a daily dose of dense superfood healthy nutrition simplified.

Are you struggling with getting started?  I would love to invite you to take advantage of a FREE 30 minute coaching session.

 Have you tried any of these simple healthy eating fundamentals?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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