Finding Your Inner Strength to Reach Success

How Inner Strength Can Help You Transform Your Life

Beginning a new "thing" is something many of us are pondering this time of year.  New fitness program.  New reading programs.  New child behavior management strategies.... NEW.  With NEW can come excitement, but also stress and fear that you won't keep up with it or this time will fail like the 99 other times.  People like you and me have struggled with change since the dawn of time.

Yet, every year, some people seem to make permanent change and others do not.  I look back at my own transformation and ask myself "why was THIS TIME different?"  and I honestly have to answer that for the FIRST time I was finally focusing on my inner transformation as much as my outward transformation.  Yes, I was losing weight and getting healthy, but more importantly, I was finally changing the way I was looking at food, relationships, emotions, and my spiritual journey.

I was finally looking at my OWN journey.  I was finding and using my inner strength.  I've learned over the years that the inner strength we gain through life is more valuable than physical strength -- although both are important.

As you may be pondering a BIG CHANGE in your life - maybe adding a child to your family, starting a fitness program, changing careers.... I wanted to share with you three things that helped me to find my inner strength and how that has helped me to reach success in my marriage, my health, my relationships, and my career.

1) Find Your External Strength

You may have heard it before but fitness can be a gateway to many life changes. When we become physically fit - STRONG - we begin to feel capable of more and more.  That feeling of capable transfers over to other things like strong enough to finally tell that person in your life who "uses" you that you don't like it.  Strong enough to learn a new language.  Strong enough to run a marathon.  Strong enough to beat depression.  Strong enough to leave that job you hate.... When we workout to be physically fit - STRONG - and not a size 0, we change our mindset.  When we change our mindset, we begin to find that inner strength.

2) Remember that time will always pass

So many people tell me that they wait to begin a fitness program until _____ fill in the blank ____.  I even said it myself.  "Once I lose a few pounds."  "When I go back to work."  "When the kids get older."  Then I realized that time kept passing and the pounds kept adding up.  I DECIDED.  I made a CHOICE.  I FOCUSED.... and started a program.  There were many days in the beginning I wanted to quit, but I figured "Half-@$$ed" was better than not at all so I kept going.  Time will not stop.  We must focus on something meaningful to do with our time.  Taking care of YOU is important.

3) Small Changes over Time Lead to Success

We can't make changes overnight.  It just isn't that simple!  BUT - we can make small changes each day that will help us to develop inner strength to give up those foods that are bad for you, to quit smoking, to stop swearing, etc...  I used to LOVE to drink my big (and I mean B I G) cup of coffee and would joke that I like my creamer with a little coffee.  I knew that creamer was full of sugar so I started by purchasing a healthier option.  Then I started using less and less until I was finally drinking BLACK coffee.  Then, when I was diagnosed with my thyroid issues I was told to eliminate coffee.  ...sigh, I did the same, less and less coffee each day for several days weeks until coffee was no longer part of my morning routine.  I still miss it.  I practiced the same philosophy with waking up earlier.  And so many OTHER changes I've made in my life.  SMALL changes over time lead to permanent change.  Do you think marathoners just went out one day and ran 26.2 miles?  NO, they didn't.  Do you think that super fit person you know was born that way?  NO, they were not.  Small changes over time will help YOU to form habits.  That is how you exercise your inner strength.

There are a lot of "exercises" you can do to build up your inner strength.  If you're trying to get physically fit and think you're not ready - try parking a little further away from the store entrance at the mall.  Add one healthy vegetable to your meal each day.  Start small and focus on your inner journey.

When we begin to focus on our INNER journey, it is then that we truly find who we are.

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