Why is accountability so important?

How to FINISH What You Start!

Is your bookshelf filled with countless books you've started but never finished?  or the five different workout programs that you only partially completed?  or Maybe you just feel like you're NEVER getting ahead!

I can relate!  I joke about my multiple knitting projects around my house and we won't talk about how many workout VHS (yes, tapes!) have been donated that were barely used.  Or do you remember the thigh master?  Yes, I had one -- can't tell you if it actually worked though!
how to finish what you start

Have you ever uttered the words "I don't have time" or "I just don't feel motivated" or "I could never do that"?  I KNOW I have!  

When you were in college, your professors probably gave you homework assignments with specific details and a due date - you more than likely DID it.  As a child, you maybe had chores that you (begrudingly) (with attitude) did.  

But when it comes to keeping ourselves accountable for things like eating healthy, working out, reading devotions - well, let's face it.  No one is REALLY there telling us what to do!

....or is there?

Part of my job as your Team Beachbody Coach is to hold you accountable.  I am your PARTNER in helping you to achieve success.  

Let's take a closer look at what I do to help you finish what you start:


I host online fitness groups designed to help you form habits for 30 days.  Best part?  You can do this without ever changing out of your workout clothes or wiping the baby vomit off of your shirt!  This is all virtual so you don't have to fight over a good parking space at the gym or feed a meter or get a babysitter.  


Let's face it.   When others are taking action - WE are more likely to take action.  This leads to us doing our workout, reading our devotion, making healthier choices... essentially DOING what needs to be done!  This is why the groups work!


You've heard it before "write it down or it will never get done"  There is so much truth to this.   As your coach and accountability partner, I work with you on how to figure this out.  As a mom of 3, I'm familiar with a busy schedule and how to stretch my 24 hours for maximum time and teach you how to survive navigate ROCK your day! 

Do Online Fitness Groups work
Are you tired of not having enough time and always making excuses but never getting results?  Are you ready to ditch your stretchy pants for a cute little black dress?

You are worth the effort!  You  can't afford to let another day go by with a fitness program that goes uncompleted! 

I have helped hundreds of women like you and me to achieve their health and fitness goals.  (And eating kale every day isn't even a requirement!)

I was afraid that I was going to spend thousands of dollars on food and workouts and that it would be JUST like those VHS tapes (or thigh master....) but because of the online groups and the fun we had (yes, talking about how much better one poops and how your boobs sag less thanks to push ups is FUN) I started seeing results!

There is a program for EVERYONE, beginner to bad@$$ 

I am only opening FIVE spots in my next accountability group that kicks off  December 27 - Just in time for the holiday hustle to end and get focused on our new year goals.

Claim YOUR spot now!  APPLY TODAY for priority consideration

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