My 2016 Goals for Accountability

Writing Down the Goals AND Making Them Public

If you follow me on ANY of my social medias (Periscope, Twitter, FB) then you know I've been talking a lot lately about goals.   HECK, I even did a 3-part series on achieving goals.  So I wanted to share with you my goals for 2016 here on the blog  for those who have asked to see mine!

1) Read through at least one devotion plan month on the YouVersion Bible app (Spiritual Wellness)

2) Spend at least one "date night" a month with my husband to reconnect & rejuvenate our marriage, making our partnership a priority. (Relationship Wellness)

3) The kids each will experience a "Special Day" each month helping them to feel important, special and centered. (Relationship Wellness)

4) I finish the year as a Star Diamond Premier Beachbody Coach (Career Wellness)

5) We build the outdoor gazebo and spend at least one night a week this summer enjoying family time (Physical Environment & Social Wellness)

6) I add $200 a month to our family savings and $100 a month into a retirement plan (Financial Wellness)

7) Complete at least two personal development training programs by May 2016 (Intellectual Wellness)

8) Cross the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon with a time of 4:30 (Physical Wellness)

9) Release three more ebooks by July of 2016 (Intellectual Wellness)

10)  Pass my Health Coach Certification test by April 2016 (career wellness)

Maybe you can relate to a few of these goals.  I will take each of these goals and analyze them to reverse engineer them -- meaning, figure out HOW I'm going to reach them.  That will include the creation of micro goals which will help me to create my weekly plan and my daily TO DO list.

These are my PERSONAL goals.  I also set business goals that include things like growing my social media reach, helping a certain number of people each month and earning various promotions.

If you follow me on Periscope, you may have caught the live broadcast about my 2016 ONE WORD: that is FOCUS.

I'd love to read about YOUR goals in the comments below:

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