How Setting Goals Can Be Easier Than You Think

Setting Goals That You Can Achieve - Part I

A new year is upon us and that means a clean slate!  I don't know about you, but I am excited to see what 2016 will hold.  I'm going to call it my SWEET 16.

Goals 2016  AchieveWith a new year comes new goals.  I've posted my 2016 goals here and will break that down into monthly goals and then those into weekly goals into daily goals.  See - people like you and me who get overwhelmed by BIG pictures need small steps to focus on.

So with that in mind, you'll want to set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

And don't just set 1 or 2 goals.  You'll want to look at all areas of your life;
  • Physical Environment- do you want to renovate a room, paint your kitchen, or declutter?
  • Financial - looking to increase your savings or reduce your spending or building an income?
  • Relationship - want to grow closer to your husband, mend a friendship or spend more time with your family?
  • Spiritual - Maybe you want to read through the New Testament or read 1 scripture a day
  • Health & Fitness - do you want to finally drop those 15 pounds or tone up those arms?
  • Personal Development - what will you do to increase your knowledge or work on you?
  • Social - what will you do this year for leisure or fun?  and how much time will you spend on it?
This video outlines HOW to set your goals and offers up a variety of points to ponder:

Step 1: Make a list of 10 goals - no really - WRITE THEM DOWN
Step 2: Analyze those goals to make sure they are SMART
Step 3: Share your goals with someone important to you - who can help hold you accountable.

Be sure to check out Part II of the Goal Setting series!

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